History of solar power cars

A Brief History of Solar Energy

Surprisingly, solar panels were actually installed on the White House. A series of factors lead to the decline in solar energy prices. It quickly inspired other nations to circumvent the skyrocketing oil prices by investing in alternative energy sources. Thankfully, the price of solar panels dropped considerably over the past decades, giving more Americans affordable solar panels for their housing utilities.

Of course, one must take into account the system size and the number of panels to get the full picture. According to the chart for pricing as determined by the state, people are able to save more on electricity bills if they buy a larger system.

Solar Car - The Future of Solar Powered Cars

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By and as far back as BC , humans knew that sunlight could be harnessed as an energy source. But how could we capture that energy? Finally, American inventor Charles Fritts came up with a simple design using selenium on a thin layer of gold to form a device producing a modest, but nonetheless ground-breaking, 1 per cent efficiency.

Timeline: The History of Solar Power

At this price, a modern solar system would cost over 4 million dollars! By , so many incredible things were already being powered by solar energy, including cars , communications satellites , a spacecraft and commercial buildings Tholstrup is the creator of the World Solar Challenge in Australia.

click The Sunrunner set the official Guinness world record in Bellflower, California of The Guinness Book of World Records publicized these official records. The GM Sunraycer in completed a 1, mile trip with an average speed of 42 mph. Since this time there have been many solar cars invented at universities for competitions such as the Shell Eco Marathon.

Solar Energy (1960)

There is also a commercially available solar car called the Venturi Astrolab. The Evolution of Atomic Diagrams and Nomenclature. La historia de la maquina de escribir. See more Art and Culture timelines.